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Silvia Latham

Silvia Latham, PhD, is an anthropologist, motivational and therapeutic transformative coach and managing director of Silvia Latham Consultancy. She offers Coaching e Mentoring to enhance excellence and personal change. She has a private practice in London and, since 2012 a practice in Bergamo, Italy. Silvia Latham has been a coach since 2006. She has extensive experience in guiding people to enhance their assertiveness, inner resources and skills, to resolve their difficulties in communication and relationships both in their families and at work, to overcome lack of self-esteem, self-respect, depressive states and emotional difficulties such as anger, anxiety, mood swings, anxiety in professional performance, stress and burn-out.

Silvia Latham’s method is unique and personal, the result of a careful selection over the years from the most effective and well-known training, techniques and therapeutic disciplines deployed in the US and the UK. Her infectious optimism together with her unique skills and insights, warmth and compassion are a cornerstone in her professional career and private life.

Silvia Latham is NLP Premier Practitioner New Code NLP with John Grinder – (one of the founders of NLP) Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carrol. She is NLP Master Practitioner and has Life Coaching Skills. With Robina Scott (PRH England) she has consolidated her skills in Personal Growth and Human Relationships. In faith to her spirit as a researcher Silvia has deepened her knowledge in mindfulness, techniques of Buddhist meditation of Thich Nhat Hanh, generative trance with Stephen Gilligan and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Gary Craig. She offers one-to-one sessions and designs her workshops drawing inspiration from these various techniques and combining them with her own methods and principles.

Silvia Latham’s therapeutic skills and motivational ability have been enhanced by years of research and work as an anthropologist. Silvia has a Master and a PhD in Social Anthropology and has worked as a researcher in various international anthropological projects since the early 1990s. Her early research interests have included Mexican Americans, political and cultural movements and immigration (UCLA) in Los Angeles. In the late 1990s, Silvia conducted independent research on relationships of authority, power and trust in educational and working contexts in Montreal. Between 2001 and 2003 Silvia also worked on a two-year project for the European Union.

Silvia Latham has strong professional ethics, great awareness and respect for the uniqueness of people and a deep trust in the inner capacities of every human being. Her philosophy is simple and clear: persistence and determination, combined with clarity of ideas and inner wisdom lead to positive results.

'As human beings, we are all involved in different kinds of relationships with ourselves and others, and all these relationships test our personal solidity, that is our ability to be in harmony with ourselves and others and to follow our intuitions and aspirations at the same time.

There are times when we feel shattered and we have no hopes and we don't see a way out. There are also times when we live as survivors and just wait for something to happen that will make us change. And that time could be weeks, months or years.

What I offer are tools to become independent and break the negative patterns of self-exhaustion, dependency on external events and passivity on the way to inner wisdom.

We all need help if we want to succeed.

It is a matter of taking responsibility for our own growth, having the determination to change and to acquire the appropriate tools to achieve it. After that, all we need is practice, practice and practice until we manage ourselves in full awareness and freedom. It is a matter of connecting with that determination, becoming stubborn for our own growth and being disciplined with those tools of change. We do this until the new is easily integrated into us and into our unconscious awareness'.

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