We live in an era where we are all expected to be successful and efficient in what we do. We make ourselves busy, meet up with people, follow schedules, perform duties, satisfy needs and have fun. All this sounds great and feels good until the day comes when we realise that we can’t keep up so effectively and we just wish we had a simpler and easier life. There may be days when we struggle to keep a balance between what we do, who we are, and how we respond to circumstances and situations. We lose confidence and fall prey to self doubt, anger and stress.

In her workshops Silvia offers simple practical methods to learn to become assertive and perform different tasks with focused attention, proper responsiveness and in peace with ourselves and others. Above all, they raise a new awareness of inner resources and processes that help to build up personal solidity and achieve excellence in what we do and aspire to do.

As Silvia explains: 'We all have infinite inner resources and we can all recover and strengthen our personal solidity. We can all achieve excellent results in how we relate to others, what we do and what we aspire to be.'

'My workshops,' Silvia explains, 'stand out for their creativity and holistic approach where I regard the mind and the body as a unique entity generating energy and nurturing unlimited resources. In my workshops I combine practical exercises and techniques of self awareness selected from different methods and schools of personal growth.'



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Place: London

Today more than ever it is important to know healthy ways to get rid of stress and keep calm and focused in what we do. With this...


Date: Not available yet Place: London
In this two-day workshop you acquire lifetime skills to deal with others and your relationships. You learn constructive methods to manage...

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